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Trippin Billies

IndyMojo & Do317 Present

Trippin Billies

Kyle Bledsoe

Sat, March 11, 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 10:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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Trippin Billies
Trippin Billies
Born in the pubs on the north side of Chicago, reminiscent of Luther's College, Trippin Billies took to the "stages" of these small rooms in the early nineties as an acoustic duo. It wasn't long before lines grew to long for the small bars and calls started coming in from around the Midwest. As a result the band was forced to rise to the occasion, and they've done just that. Having the luxury of living in a city called home to many great musicians, Trippin Billies is comprised of some of Chicago's best. This talent coupled with their mutual love of high energy performance has moved them above the bar band circuit and into concert settings. Whether it's a club in Iowa City, a Hockey arena in North Dakota or a summer festival in Rochester, New York or Lincoln, Nebraska, the show is always the same, just that, a show.
Their tour schedules have come to resemble that of the Dave Matthews Band before their ascension to their current status. Midsize venues sell out consistently across the country and the famous theatres whose names were once inked on the cover of DMB boot legs listened to by the band, now comprise the tour schedule of Trippin Billies. The theatres they once approached with trepidation and awe have now come to feel like home.
Kyle Bledsoe
1986. Lafayette, Indiana.

a boy was born with eyes as blue as the music that
he would eventually feel...

From the time he could sit up straight, Kyle was always interested music. He would sit for hours and play at the family piano. That interest quickly turned to the 6 strings of a guitar, and things haven't ever been the same.

he now has three main passions in music:
blues, improvisation ,and live looping

before starting his solo career, Kyle played with several artists, most recent being 2012 Blues Music Award winner Biscuit Miller and the Mix. You can catch Kyle on Biscuit's "Blues With a Smile" album, as heard on XM/Sirius radio and many other stations worldwide.
Venue Information:
The Vogue
6259 North College Avenue
Indianapolis, IN, 46220