+ The Grunge Experience – Tickets – The Vogue – Indianapolis, IN – March 4th, 2017 – The Vogue
The Grunge Experience

The Grunge Experience

STP2 - Stone Temple Pilots Tribute, Orchid In the Ivy - Nirvana Tribute, Hollow - Alice In Chains Tribute

Sat, March 4, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$7.50 - $10.00

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This event is 21 and over

The Grunge Experience
The Grunge Experience
3 Great Bands - Celebrating the music of 90's Grunge Legends.. Soundgarden, Foo Fighters & Pearl Jam!

Friday, August 18th
STP2 - Stone Temple Pilots Tribute
STP2 - Stone Temple Pilots Tribute
Stone Temple Pilots are argueably one of the best bands to come out of the 90’s. With hit’s like “Plush”, “Interstate Love Song”, “Big Empty”, “Dead and Bloated” and many more radio staples you cant get out of your head. For us in STP2, they have created the soundtrack to our lives.

In 2015 lead singer and rock icon Scott Weiland sadly passed away. While STP was auditioning singers in 2016, our very own Mick Blankenship tried out. Receiving thousands of views on youtube, and raving reviews of his Scott Weiland sound alike voice. This spawned the idea between a few friends to pay tribute to a band they could no longer see in person. Stone Temple Pilots with Scott Weiland.

The goal in STP2 is to re create the magic and spirit that STP had with Weiland. When you come to see STP2 we aim for it to not only look and sound like STP, but FEEL like you are seeing the greatness that was classic STP. With sold out shows at legendary venues, and fans all over the world, STP2 deliver’s just that. We look forward to working together on giving your venue the best STP experience possible and keeping the Spirit of Weiland alive!
Orchid In the Ivy - Nirvana Tribute
Orchid In the Ivy - Nirvana Tribute
Brett Scharf, the founder of Orchid in the Ivy, has been on the Cincinnati music scene for quite some time. He was also the founder of the band Spindle, that was not only big in the Cincinnati music scene, but went on to make a name in the global scene as well.

Brett toured for 5 years all across the country in the band Spindle. After many years of touring with bands such as Brand New, Fallout Boy, Alkaline Trio, Motion City Soundtrack, etc, they landed a record deal with Triple Crown Records out of New York City. Not only that, they landed a management deal with Jeff Battaglia Management. JB1 was managing bands such as Alkaline Trio, Disturbed, and The Fags. They also landed a booking agent with The Agency Group. After extensive touring Spindle broke up stating artistic differences.

Brett came back to Cincinnati and started Rosemary Device. This is where he met current drummer Mark Schulti. Mark had been in another staple band in Cincinnati called Krinj. Krinj had made a name for themselves on the Cincinnati scene and had gotten some notice from the industry as well. Krinj came close to breaking but couldn't quite get over the final hurdle. The band became disgruntled and went on hiatus. This is when Brett brought Mark aboard. They formed Rosemary Device, playing all over the Cincinnati music scene. After several lineup changes the band disbanded, but Mark and Brett continued to play music together.

From there, Brett and Mark formed Orchid in the Ivy. They released their debut record Minus One to critical acclaim. Orchid is beginning to build a fan base in Cincinnati and is starting to gain some momentum on a national level. Recently Orchid has been working with some tracks with Fred Mascherino former guitar player and writer of Taking Back Sunday. Orchid is also working with Jeff Blue, the founder of Linkin Park.
Hollow - Alice In Chains Tribute
Hollow - Alice In Chains Tribute
Hollow is a tribute to Alice In Chains honoring early music through the latest releases. Based in southern Ohio, and comprised of veteran pro musicians from around the area. Hollow faithfully recreates the music of Alice In Chains, by covering all the hits from the EP to the latest release, as well as some deep cuts.
Venue Information:
The Vogue
6259 North College Avenue
Indianapolis, IN, 46220